K A R A

with special guest appearance




Photo: Danny Sanchez

Cover design: Andrea Helding

Click here to listen to a snippet of the audio single, “I Want Peace” performed by  K A R A and the International Peace Choir.  The track can be purchased at iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and other reputable online music vendors.  Click here to purchase the audio single on iTunes. Click here to watch the “I Want Peace” music video!  And then click here to buy the video on iTunes.

Welcome to iwantpeacethesong.com, the official website for the song, “I Want Peace”.   

The new holiday song, “I Want Peace”, tells the story of a young girl’s unselfish Christmas wish for Santa to bring peace to bring peace to the world.  This inspiring song, written by Jeff Saxon, marks the

promising debut of adorable 8 year old vocalist, K A R A


Making this seasonal release even more emotionally stirring is a guest appearance by   the International Peace Choir, representing children from 28 countries throughout the world.  This dynamic combination of Kara and the choir is truly riveting because this diverse group of children are making an urgent appeal for peace on earth. The choir, based in Southern California, has performed for presidents, kings and queens.  Click here to visit the choirs’ website.